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[Verse 1]
Hold my hand
While you cut me down
It'd only just begun
But now it's over now
And you’re in the heat of moments
With your heart playing up cold
I'm between the middle
Watching hastiness unfold
On my eyes
You were smiling in the spotlight
Dancing with the night
The night fell off your mind

I'm tired of trying
Your teasing ain't enough
Fed up of biding your time
When I don't get nothing back
And for, and for, and for
When I don't get nothing back
Boy, I'm tired

[Verse 2]
Where'd you go
When you stay behind
I looked up and inside down
And outside only to find
A double taking, punching hard
And laughing at my smile
I get closer
You obviously prefer her

[Chorus x2]

I should have known
Never mind
Said your open arms
I couldn't help believe
The trick me back into them

[Chorus x2]

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