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[Verse 1]
Simple, sweet guitar
Humbled by the bass
So when the beat kicks in
Everything falls into place
And it overpowers me
I can’t help but dance

You can try to stop me now
But you won’t get the chance

Halftime, time to think it through
Consider the change
Seek it from a different view
Halftime, time to think it through
Consider the change

[Verse 2]
Rhythm floods my heart
The melody it feeds my soul
The tune tears me apart
And I swallow it whole
You should thank your lucky star
Cause the music is a gift
And it’s stronger than all else
Provides me with the bliss


[Verse 3]
My lyrics revealing
Some natural vibe
It's a kind of laid back feeling
Oh just let it ride
And when Frank Sinatra sings
It’s too much to take, yeah

So I sing the standard shit
It pacifies my ache


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