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Oh Scarlett, it's been five days since we spoke
Oh Scarlett, your blonde locks your skinny throat
Writing you a letter so you don't forget who wrote

Oh Scarlett, can't wait to see you again
Oh Scarlett, sending love through my pen
Hollywood can't hold you like I can


Oh Scarlett, please get back to me quick
Scarlett, silence is making me sick
Is this all a joke to you? Cos it isn't one to me
As far as I can tell your ears are blocking out my pleas

Oh Scarlett, I got your letter today
Oh Scarlett, Joe Brown won't keep me away
I'll claw my way to you a little more each day


Oh Scarlett, it's been nine months since we spoke
And frankly darlin' I'm sorry for treating you as a joke
You see it isn't you, it's me, babe we're history
I've found my new true love and she's on morning TV

Susanna, Girl I love you so
Susanna, girl I love you so
I'm sending you a letter just to let you know

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