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Silens, oro
Regnet exitium

[Verse 1]
Days of warning
Night brings mourning

My prayers, wordless
Heaven is burning down

I walk stricken
Pitch-black vision
O'one save me
Caress my weary eyes

Darkest Lord your mercy shall I gain
Strike the match, engulf the earth in flames, in flames, in flames, in flames

[Verse 2]
Nature quaking
Prophets aching
I kneel, faithful
Damnation cracks the sky
My heart, Fiction

Your grace, deathless
Give life to my last breath


Grant them eternal rest in your honor
Embrace them into an army of undead
Strike with vengeance those who oppose your will
And lay waste to all unsufficently served before you
Walk with them and free them from the blinding light of servitude
And devastate your enemies as they die by your hand

[Verse 3]
Rise from ashes
Violence clashes
My soul vacant
Cleanse me of all this sin
I stand guilty
I bleed filthy
No more fire
Savor this final hour


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