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I just wanna dance with you
With you, with you
I just wanna dance with you
With you, with you

Hey girl, I've been waiting for you all night
And girl, I hope you came to meet your Mr. Right

Cause girl, there's a full moon up in the sky
And girl, I know you wanna stay up for a while

My world was turned upside down
Since the first time I laid my eyes on you
Say you do want, cause I do

I just wanna dance with you
With you, with you
And I know you wanna dance with me too
Me too, me too
Let me see you wanna dance fool

Hey girl, we can get this started no delay
And girl, please don't leave cause I want you to stay
With me, I'll make this last from night until the day
I'll be right here with, you will take you on the way

Just go, to love your below
Don't miss this chance baby

Here we go
I want you, say you do, cause I do

Dance with me baby
Come dance with me baby

Don't leave me out here hangin' girl
Tell me you are in my room
We'll go out tonight, we'll go out tonight
Just stay with me


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