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I'll stay here lying on your bed even for the rest of my days
With its side empty spaced where you once used to stay
Have you ever noticed the glimpses upstairs?
These rooms are all that matter

And on the walls these pictures scream and ask me what I've done to seem
So amused by the way of having done nothing today
They all have their eyes covered up with paint
Their room is all that matters

I can walk up the walls
But can't make water out of wine
So I'm desperate for some cold rain
To wash those hands of mine

I'll stay here listening to the crowds and hear the footsteps and the shouts
But it's all passing me by, tangled up in my own lie
Have I missed the clue of your brave escape?
For this is what you said matters

Some other town
Some other day
Another clown
Coming up her way

Some other town
Some other day
Another clown
Coming up her way

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