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[Verse 1]
I got my fingers dirty at the school of rock
Yeah, I got my fingers dirty so I took a walk
I went up to the country park and hung around till after dark
'Til the girls got home

[Verse 2]
Did I tell you 'bout the one I know, she's on the rag
She spent the summer day inside her sleeping bag
Yeah she spent the summer day inside until it's time to work
And she works all night
Cause the girl's all right

[Verse 3]
The girls have got a house that's like a caravan
And it's like your holidays whenever you go round
And we always have a laugh and then we all get in the bath
To save on the leccy bill

Me & Jo & Phil

I had to leave them in the morning
I left the keys around the way
I had to catch a bus
I had to leave them in the morning
I left the keys down in the caf'
I had to go to work

[Verse 4]
And when Jo was short of cash I had to give her some
But I didn't really mind cause I was fit for once
So she paid the leccy bill and got the shopping and she still had
Some for the cinema
So we all went out

She asked me, do I need to lose a bit of weight
And I told her, don't be stupid cause you're looking great
And I call her String Bean Jean because the label on her jeans says
Seven to eight years old, well that's pretty small
Seven to eight years old, that's pretty small

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