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[Verse 1]
I guess I planted some long lonesome seed of a song
Way down inside me long ago
And now I can't remember when it was
But it joined up with the rest of them and grows
It's such a little song it don't compare
With all your big ones you hear everywhere
But when it dawns way in the back of your mind
The big ones are made up of the little kind

Union song, union battled
All added up won us all what we got now
Union song, union battled
All added up won us all what we got now

[Verse 2]
I can't even start to look around me here
Without hearing this song
And seeing all of us first separated
Hurt apart and afraid
Hungry for the union
And so we kept on
Singing and working, fighting till we got it
And this is the big union song I guess I hear


[Verse 3]
We fought there at your place
We fought there on your ship
And I guess if you missed out on
The fight for our union
You missed out on one awful big step
Us people took


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