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[Verse 1]
It hid and it hid in his bedroom
Psycho killer teen dream action film
Gonna show you how we get down in my hood
Bubbling and bubbling, the cheap champagne
Leyendecker, homewrecker, feel no pain
Lying face down when I swing your way
And what, what's my name, what's my name

Mary Anna said it's a no-go
She don't feel like, she don't think so
That I don't know why I feel like crying
Well come on, come on
Say come on

[Verse 2]
They ran and they ran from his classroom
Roll another 40, make them scream
Gonna show you how we do things in my hood
Tripping and a-tripping in a race that tames
John Wayne, Rob Roy feel no pain
This is the point where you look the other way

You done lost your mind


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