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[Verse 1]
Black Jack Davey come a-riden' on back
A-whistling loud and merry
Made the woods around him ring
And he charmed the heart of a lady
Charmed the heart of a lady

[Verse 2]
"How old are you, my pretty little miss
How old are you, my honey"
She answered to him with a lovin' smile
"I'll be sixteen come Sunday
Be sixteen come Sunday."

[Verse 3]
"Come and go with me, my pretty little miss
Come and go with me, my honey
Take you where the grass grows green
You never will want for money
You never will want for money

"Pull off, pull off them high-heeled shoes
All made of Spanish leather
Get behind me on my horse
And we'll ride off together
We'll both go off together."

Well, she pulled off them high-heeled shoes
Made of Spanish leather
Got behind him on his horse
And they rode off together
They rode off together

[Verse 4]
At night the boss came home
Inquiring about this lady
The servant spoke before she thought
"She's been with Black Jack Dave
Rode off with Black Jack Davey."

[Verse 5]
"Well, saddle for me my coal black stud
He's speedier than the gray
I rode all day and I'll ride all night
And I'll overtake my lady
I'll bring back my lady."

[Verse 6]
Well, he rode all night till the broad daylight
Till he came to a river raging
And there he spied his darling bride
In the arms of Black Jack Davey
Wrapped up with Black Jack Davey


[Verse 7]
"Would you forsake your house and home
Would you forsake your baby?
Would you forsake your husband, too
To go with Black Jack Davey
Rode off with Black Jack Davey?"

[Verse 8]
"Well, I'll forsake my house and home
And I'll forsake my baby
I'll forsake my husband, too
For the love of Black Jack Davey
Ride off with Black Jack Davey."

[Verse 9]
"Last night I slept in a feather bed
Between my husband and baby
Tonight I lay on the river banks
In the arms of Black Jack Davey
Love my Black Jack Davey."

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