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[Verse 1]
Well, the rain man comes with his magic wand
And the judge says, “Mona can’t have no bond”
And the walls collide, Mona cries
And the rain man leaves in the wolf man’s disguise

I want to be your lover, baby, I want to be your man
I want to be your lover, baby
I don’t want to be hers, I want to be yours

[Verse 2]
Well, the undertaker in his midnight suit
Says to the masked man, “Ain’t you cute!”
Well, the mask man he gets up on the shelf
And he says, “You ain’t so bad yourself”


[Verse 3]
Well, jumping Judy can’t go no higher
She had bullets in her eyes, and they fire
Rasputin he’s so dignified
He touched the back of her head an’ he died


[Verse 4]
Well, Phaedra with her looking glass
Stretching out upon the grass
She gets all messed up and she faints
That’s ’cause she’s so obvious and you ain’t


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