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We jamming (Bob Marley, Bob Marley)
I want to jam it with you
We jamming (Bob Marley, Bob Marley)
I hope you like jamming too

[Verse 1] [Bob Marley]
There is no rules, there is no vows we could do it anyhow
Eyeing, I will see you through
Because everyday we pay the price, with a living sacrifice
Jamming until the jam is through
We jamming, to think that jamming was a thing of the past
We jamming and I hope the jam is going to last

[Bob Marley]
Nobody can stop us now, we need to [?]
We can't be bought nor sold
You can pay alright [?] your children every night
Life is much more than gold


Oh Holy Mount Zion [x4]

[Verse 2] [Bob Marley]
The mighty will te try, the truth it cannot hide
To keep you satisfied
Love that does exist, is the one the Lord presist
So jam by my side

[MC Lyte]
We jamming on the for the daughters and sons
The struggle is not over until the battle is won
Hip-Hop is life but it isn't all to me
Now where would we be if they take life [?]
Or better yet strip on might itself
We done it before so I sit by the door
Those that claim but don't really know the game
Bob Marley, know the man behind the name


We jamming (Know the man behind the name)
Hope you like jamming too

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