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[Intro] [Bob Marley]
The D.A. now
Hey, do you have anything on you? [x4]

[Krayzie Bone]
Rebel music to get you ready for the revolution [x4]

[Verse 1] [Bob Marley]
Oh, why can't we roam this open country?
Tell me why can't we be what we want to be?

We want to be free
Three o'clock
Road block, road block

Hey, do you have anything on ya?
And hey, Mister Cop, I have got no
As I was say, Mister Cop, I have got no

Hey, Mister Cop, I have got no birth certificate on me now
Hey do you have anything on you
Aaah, rebel music

[Verse 2] [Krayzie Bone]
These po po's done stop the whole block
But we never stop we march forward
For sure
Taking these crooked policemen to war
Retaliation we spot em we got them in body bag
Got no love for you all
Politician free living need some more
I want to be free, please
Could you let my people go
Forget it we sick of the drama, we find get raw
We won't ask no more
What you pull me over for?
Was I speeding? Probably so
These big Benz engines ready flow
Just write me a ticket and let me roll on, but no
You want to harass me
Ask me can they search my trunk, that's when I stared laughing
For what?

[Outro] [Bob Marley]
And I've got to throw away
Yes, I've got to throw away
Ah yessir, I, I've got to throw away
My little herb stalk

(For what?)

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