Britney Spears – Gimme More Lyrics

Produced By: Danja

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It's Britney Bitch
I see you
And I just want to dance with you

[Verse 1]
Every time they turn the lights down
Just want to go that extra mile for you
You got my display of affection
Feels like no one else in the room (But you)

We can get down like there's no one around
We keep on rocking, we keep on rocking
Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing
They keep watching, keep watching
Feels like the crowd was saying

[Chorus] x4
Give me, give me more
Give me more
Give me, give me more

[Verse 2]
The center of attention
Even when we're up against the wall

You got me in a crazy position
If you're on a mission, you got my permission


[Chorus] x4

[Verse 3]
I just can't control myself, more
They want more?
Well I'll give them more

[Chorus] x4

Give me more, give me more
Give me more, give me more, babe
(Danja, Danja, Danja, Danja)
I just want more

Give me give me give me give me give me
Give me give me give me give me give me
(Danja, Danja, Danja, Danja)
Give me give me give me give me give me
Give me give me give me give me give me

[Verse 4]
Bet you didn't see this one coming
The incredible line go (more, more, more)
The legendary Miss Britney Spears
And the unstoppable Danja
Ah, you going to have to remove me
‘Cause I ain’t going nowhere

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