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Don't get me started love
I've had too much to drink
Had too much time to think
So leave me alone

Crying when you're by yourself
Cause of what they think
About you
Makes time go slow slow slow
Makes time go slow slow slow

Something's gotta give soon
Or I'm gonna lose it
Substance abusing
And never come down

Fall off the deep end
And forget my English
What's the point of language
If you don't say what you feel

So with that being said

To all the bitch ass hoes that hate me the most
Oh yeah, I hate you too
To all the punk ass fucks that just want to talk shit
I hate you too
To all the high class ass that's too hard to pass
Oh yeah, I hate you too
Doses and Mimosas
Champagne and cocaine
Help to get me through

Ten in the morning
And I'm skipping breakfast
And drinking a beverage
To ignore it all

Guess ignorance is bliss and
I've come to embrace it
It's all overrated
Except drugs and alcohol

So with that being said


[Greatest End to a Song Ever]

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