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[Verse 1]
Say other guys ignore you
Well, I'll call and talk each night

Define it when you want to
You're the only one I like

[Verse 2]
I'll kiss you when my friends are 'round because you make me proud
I know others passed you by, oh whoa
But they were crazy as hell to ever let you go
Didn't they know

That I won't be just another guy
Disappointment in disguise that leaves you crying
Oh no
I'm not embarrassed, not ashamed
And I will play the ancient games it takes to love you
Yes, it's true

[Verse 3]
Won't look at other girls
Or I swear to god I'll try
You say let's watch The Notebook
Well I'l try my best to cry

[Verse 4]
I'll send you flowers just because, don't need no reason why
I know others passed you by, oh whoa
But they were crazy as hell to give away what I got
Baby, you're hot


Just another guy is not what you deserve
Cause girl you'll never be just another girl

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