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[Verse 1]
Children in bloom, cooking in the sun
Waiting for a room of our own
Leave my sister alone
She doesn't deserve this
She is a flower and I am a flower
And we are all alone

I gotta get out on my own
I gotta get up from this waiting, waiting at home
I gotta get out of this sunlight
It's melting my bones
I gotta get up from this slumber and just get myself home

[Verse 2]
All these wasted dreams
Just waiting for the sun to open
To open up my heart to anyone
Bring me some rain
Because I'm dying', I'm dying
And I can't get this damn thing closed again


[Verse 3]
Where's the fun house this year
The fairground's deserted and the skies don't seem as near but
Nicole's my oldest friend
But the altar is empty and she'll never be a little girl again


I can't find my way home
I can't find my way home
I can't find, I can't find
I can't find, I can't find
I can't find, I can't find my way home
No no no

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