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[Verse 1]
Kiss all your saviors goodbye
Offer them up to the dead
No kidding you know who's right
And whose got a price on their head

[Verse 2]
No doubt I'd sell you all out
For a pocket full of silver and gold
Way back when, when they made me one of them
Don't you know they're gonna save my soul

[Verse 3]
I can't hang around with you like this my friend
Our time has come to an end
I can't play around with you no more
No, I'm seeing this open door

[Verse 4]
And I know you saw right through me
Afraid I'm taking you for a ride
But when you're dead, you're dead
When you're gone, you're gone
I got my conscience at both of my sides

I set out to disappear
And out there I found a new home
But listen Jack, you're on the wrong side of the tracks
At least now I don't have to walk it all alone

[Verse 5]
Can you hear the sound of the crawling flesh
Now can you smell the burning desire
This place is too small to hide
All the ghosts that's kicking around inside

[Verse 6]
What this town was entirely built upon
You can find it right between the eyes
Its a bullet hole that'll steal your soul
And roll you for your money and your diamonds


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