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[Verse 1]
Oh, it takes my life away
To think of her as gone
Now I'm running down the maze
And I'm finding only war

[Verse 2]
Blowing down the flame
To catch the burning wind
Now I'm running out of steam
Now watch this man collapse

You said you wanted a better life
And you will tell me what you find
And then I'll stay the whole night through
And I'll turn from sad to blue
Yes, I'm choking into you
Yeah I'm choking into you

[Verse 3]
Wish you'd think of me
The way I think of you
Well I find it hard to breathe
Cause now I know the truth

[Verse 4]
So what good would fingers be
If it weren't for diamond rings
Now I know you're leaving me
And I know that I'm no king


[Verse 4]
Go ahead now, tell them all about it

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