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[Verse 1]

I relate to your kind, your design
Your devotion to wave
Get your brain on the prize
Then dive inside


The mindset of a killer
With your mind out of phase

[Verse 2]

It's a game that we like, we crave
Yet nobody wins
Anyway, you decide you try
But you die

[Hook 2]

Mindset of a killer
With your gaze you paint the room
Blood red with your tears
Pouring from the stage

Hey you can't stop now, row by row, almost out
Covered in black and gold, no one cares, no one knows
Look into the world outside, it's okay, I'm alright
Now open your empty hands, here comes the fun, here comes the end

[Verse 3]

Click, erase the device, give thanks
Then clear out the room
Blow kisses, wave them goodbye, goodnight

[Hook 2]

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