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Waiting around for the 7 express
New York was a bet, Queens was a guess

I thought I'd be working in Midtown: a winner
And now I'm biting my nails and I'm calling it dinner

So the man who's living city life
Lies just disappear into the night
And I watch the faces on the passing trains
And I see a sweet smile and it's going my way
But I'm:

Invisible, yeah that's me
If you look then you'll see right through me
Some day I'm gonna make my move
What do I got to lose?

Dancing with friends on a Tuesday night
Nothing lasts forever and that's alright

I'm like a spy who came in from the cold
And then I'm gone again before you even know

Snow on the window of the taxi back home
I just sit back and I turn off my phone
The streets are glittering without a care
And I just vanish into thin air because I'm:


[Chorus 2]
Invisible, yeah that's me
Of course it gets a little lonely
Some day I'm gonna find my groove
What have I got to lose?

Cause it's the after party for the after party
For the after party, and I don't know nobody
And I don't know where I'm going
I don't know what I'm doing
And it's last call
It's always last call


[Chorus 2]

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