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Echoes of another time
Playin' lightly on my mind
There's many rivers still to cross
To temper the bitterness in love
Though what you say is true
This might be it for me and you
Maybe we can draw that line
Maybe another time

Well I wanna do what's right
But maybe not tonight

Memories of another time
Those pretty eyes, that pretty frown
And in the long grass where we lay
Let the whole world fall away
And though in time we walked apart
You were always in my heart
Maybe we should say goodbye
But maybe not tonight

I remember you were just a child
Burning brightly and running wild
We married on an August night
No priest, no church, just a big moon shining bright
Maybe we should be moving on
And figure what is done is done
Maybe we should break those vows
Aw, but maybe not right now

Maybe we should do what's right
Maybe not tonight
Maybe we should both just do what's right
Baby, not tonight

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