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[Verse 1]
Is this the edge of the world?
We chased the horizon down 'til it hung beneath our feet
Now I'm drifting blind
All I know is we can't move closer

I've never seen the lights of the north
The constellations are so unfamiliar

[Verse 2]
We followed far, as far as this machinery takes us
To some imaginary place where the compass shifts
And our lips drift to our cheeks
Is this the edge of the world?
All I know is we can't move closer


[Verse 3]
Searching for some apparent place
Where floated needles decide the way
I'd dig in my heels but I might crack the ice
Give me some solid ground

The frost is sinking in
In my cheeks, in my chest, in my fingertips
Desperation, we name every cape beyond the last
Frozen senseless, every day is a winter solstice
The view's a wonder, but I can't take it in
(Is this the edge of the world?)


[Break 2]
Sun, make canvas of coastlines, so I know where I stand
We round each cape to find a bay to call our own
We round each cape to find a coast to call our home
Make canvas of coastlines


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