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Wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna..
I wanna
Give It To You

[Verse 1: Janelle Monae]
I am sharper than a razor
Eyes made of lasers
Bolder than the truth
They want me locked up in the system
Cause I'm on a mission
Blame it on my youth

Too long I've been out here on my own
Now I'm 'bout to bring it home
Like a rolling stone

I ain't never been afraid to die
Look a man in the eye

[Chorus: Janelle Monae]
I come to give you what you love
It’s time to give you what you love
I’ma give you what you love
Giving you what you love

[Verse 2: Prince]
I am sharper than a switchblade
First and last of what God made and that's the truth

But man, keep on trying to hold me back
While another chicken head come home to roost
Too strong, try to do me wrong
And the last one standing will order and command you to dance
[Janelle Monae]
Run tell your preacher and your teacher



I said-a take your time, take what you love
Baby, just enough, but never too much
Baby, take your time, take what you love
And when that baby cry, you better look at that baby
Take your time, take what you love
Baby just enough, but never too much
Baby, take your time
I want to give you some love
Won’t you give me what you love

[Guitar Solo]

Two dimes walked up in the building
Tall like a ceiling, wearing fancy things

Chopped up with a knife, hammered like a screw
When they walked in the room we didn't know what to do
One looked at me and I looked back
She said, "Can you tell me where the party's at?"

She followed me back to the lobby
Yeah, she was looking at me for some undercover love

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