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[Verse 1]
Take me to the river
My soul is looking for a word from God
Ooh, God
Like a rose in the cold, will I rise?

I'm packing my space suit
And I'm taking my shit and moving to the moon
Where there no rules

Wake up, Mary
Have you heard the news?

You got to wake up, Mary
You've got the right to choose
I tried and heard the pride

But the way the stars look into my eyes tonight
Tell me who can, who can I trust?

To get lost in your thoughts
Is a very very complex thought
And the things that you thought are surprising
It's the way you believe
That becomes the very thing you see
Take a ride in the sky
It's just calling

But all your friends are gone
And the trees will burn while the comets play on

Tell me who can, who can I trust?
I wanna fly
Fly to the stars

[Hook 10x]
Ride, ride, ride
Sally won't you

[Spoken x2]
I know you love me but I'm still goin' (x3)
I got to make my peace
I got to move on

Just wake up, Mary
Have you heard the news?
Oh, just wake up, Mary
You got the right to choose
Just wake up, Mary
There's some amazing news
Just wake up, Mary
You got the right to choose

Real love
I wanna feel the real love
True love, ain't nobody got to steal love
Wanna know what it really means to be in love
Baby, gotta feel love
Sometimes I just wanna get away
Right now, going on right now

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