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[Verse 1]
That's all you ever talk about
Sick of when you scream and shout
So baby go and run your mouth
R-r-run your mouth
R-r-run your mouth
I try and show you that I'm there
I end up ripping out my hair
Do I even wanna care?
W-w-wanna care
Wanna, care, care

I can't believe
That this is what it's come to
I've held it in
But it's time you know the truth
Excuse my rude
But I really [...] hate you
I never thought I'd be the one
To fall for it
And let you in
To mess it up, once again
I'm over it, so here it is
Excuse my rude
But I really [...] hate you

[Verse 2]
This isn't how it was before
Now I'm the girl you can't ignore
I'm brave enough to say no more
No more, no more, n-n-n-n-nor more, more
You even want to understand
You think you're still in command
You see I got the upper hand


[Bridge: Becky G]
They say hate is a strong word
But I got that urge

Treat me like a waiter
So you better get served

With that Becky G special
I'm shaking your credentials
Acting like a Benz
But to me you just a rental
Keep it simple
It's not about the cars acting hard
It's too easy
Boy, you gotta please me

Believe me
So I hit you on the telly when I'm in your areay next Nevuary


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