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[Verse 1]
It doesn't matter where you roam
When no one's left to call you home

I might have strayed a bit too far
I'm counting all the moonlit stars

I'm a little lost at sea
I'm a little birdie in a big old tree
Ain't nobody looking for me
Here out on the highway

But I will be found
But I will be found
When my time comes down
But I will be found

[Verse 2]
Somedays, I think it's all okay
Some nights, I throw it all away

I saw her face and I could tell
My ghost had left the town as well




Baby, I'm a runaway train
Baby, I'm a feather in a hurricane

Maybe it's a long grey game
But maybe that's a good thing


Keep on running until my run is gone
Keep on riding until I see that dawn
And I will be found
I will be found

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