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[Verse 1]
People have the right to fly
And will when it gets compromised
Their hearts say, move along
Their minds say, got your heart
Let's move it along
Let's move it along

And airports
See it all the time
Where someone's last goodbye
Blends in with someone's sigh
Cause someone's coming home
In hand a single rose

And that's the way this wheel keeps working now
That's the way this wheel keeps working now
And I won't be the last
No I won't be the last to love her

[Verse 2]
And you can't build a house of leaves
And live like it's an evergreen

It's just a season thing
It's just this thing that seasons do


[Verse 3]
You can find me, if you ever want again
I'll be around the bend
I'll be around the bend
I'll be around, I'll be around
And if you never stop when you wave goodbye
You just might find if you give it time
You will wave hello again
You just might wave hello again

You can't love too much, one part of it

I believe that my life's going to see
The love I give return to me

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