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So girl
You just be honest with me, I know we can make this work
I love you

[Verse 1]
I know that you afraid, babe
But you don't need to be saved, babe
You just need someone who understands

And I think I need the same, babe
Show me where you at, let's keep it honest

Home is where you at and that's a promise
Open up and never keep it from us
Nothing left between us, baby, nothing
Tell me what you want, let's keep it gangsta

Tell me who created you, I'd thank her
Open up and never keep it from us
Nothing left between us, baby

Hopefully you'll give me a chance
All I want is love and romance
I wanna give it all, give it all to you

I wanna dream what you dream
Go where you're going

I only have one life
And I only wanna live it with you
I wanna sleep where you sleep
Connect with your soul

The only thing I want in life
I only wanna live it with you
Oh yeah, oh yeah
I only wanna live it with you
Only wanna live it with you

[Verse 2]
Tell me what you want, I can't believe it
I know that if we make it there's a reason

Sometimes the sun shines, baby
Sometimes it ain't breezy

I hope that maybe this time it may be different
I told you I'mma make it happen, I commit it

Yeah, you took your shot and didn't miss it
Ain't nothing more attractive than ambition



[Verse 3]
If I came to your crib would you open the door?
I don't wanna go down that road no more
Said you wanted it bad, but girl I wanted it more
You're the only one I wanna be with, yeah


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