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[Verse 1]
Bittersweet thing, could this be a dream
Or just the same nightmare that keeps me awake
Feel it in my brain, tall shot of pain
Pour a little out now for the love that we've made

I feel it the morning, you're still here in the morning
I see you but you're gone, telephone the doctor, I'm not okay
The bottom of the bottle to fill this empty heart up
A thousand proof don't change the truth, I'm diving, but I can't
I can't drink you away
I've tried Jack, I've tried Jim,
I’ve tried all of their friends
But I can't drink you away

All of these rocks, I can't swim outta this skin, I'm livin' in
Now tell me baby, don't they make a medicine for heartbreak
Tell me baby, now don't they make a medicine for heartbreak

[Verse 2]
Got that poundin' on my brain, so I drowned it away
When the sun comes up tomorrow, you can find me doin' the same
Cause I just can't forget, the way we turned out this bed
And now the only thing that sleeps here is a ghost of you instead


I can't drink you
No I can't drink you away


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