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Hi, how ya'll feeling tonight
Thank ya'll for coming out to the the Y's Underground Club
Our first act up

All the way from Memphis, Tennesse
Show him some Southern love, JT and the Tennessee kids
Come on, give it up

Thank you for having us out tonight
We're JT and the Tennessee Kids
Oh, yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 1]
Didn't have to run, I knew it was love from a mile away
But I had to catch you, running through my mind all day baby

They all say I'm crazy, cause anybody even when your father say
That I can't be with you, I don't hear a word they say

Cause I'm in love with that girl, so don't be mad at me
Cause I'm in love with that girl, so don't be mad at me

So what if you're from the other side of the tracks
So what if the world don't think we match

I'll put it down like my love's on wax, guess what
I'm in love with that girl
And she told me, she's in love with me

[Verse 2]
Now we didn't have to fall, but we fell in love to the bottom babe
No one's there to catch us, like when you fell from heaven that day, baby

People always staring, but I don't care nothing about it babe
Since I saw your face, I've been staring just the same


My pretty lady
You'll always be my baby, baby, baby

It's so amazing
How you became my baby, baby, baby

My little daisy
Come here let me rock you like a baby, baby, baby

Pretty lady
Don't you know, you'll always be my baby, baby, baby

Now don't it seem like these days
That everybody's got something to say

But I don't pay attention to the talk baby
And I don't really care if they stop and stare
Because they see my number one
My number one girl

I told you I'm in love with that girl


I'm in love, I'm in love with that girl
I don't care what people say
Cause I'm in love with that girl

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