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To the sermon on the mount, I am listening
Tough guy's running his mouth, I am glistening in

Saviour spit is heading south, and I am getting in the way
Said 'Wait one minute son you're right, they're just listening'
Worried, sinned and lacking sight, warning christening
Go shine this mother fucking light on all the people who can hear

This is tougher than I thought
Holding all the things I've bought
And Jaycee's up for another bout, and I am ringing him out

Some thing's got me on the corner, and I am whimpering
Somewhere deep inside the coat, I am weathering
Wishing somehow you were near, cause I am withering alone

You arrived and ordered stout, I stared in wordlessness
I just kept noticing your mouth, and how your face just fit
Into every aching void, in what I've always missed some way

This is tougher than I thought
Holding you the grace I've caught
Cause you're made of everything I want, and I am wringing you out

Like a morning bell, I am ringing you out
Like the kitchen rags of God, I am wringing you out
Like my voice across the hills, I am ringing you out
I am water on your feet
You are everything to me
You are everything to me
And I am ringing you out

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