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See, the cement has never meant so much
My hot head cools to the stone cold touch
I look to settle my seat with dust
Brain, leave me be, can't you see that these eyes are shut?

Enter my bed through that window
I hit zero
As guiltless loveless sins flow
Through me, you threw me
I descend smoothly
My concrete bed beckons

Can you hear me?

I was born in seconds
Do you fear the
Way you steer me
Towards the ground?
No, no, no I was never scared
Pain, had made my vision impaired
But now I'm free of care

See, life isn't fair, then at least death's there

To hold both hands
And stroll through lands
And as it stands
The empty vessel of a man
Can't be moved

It's not the cracks or the grooves
But the pavement soothes
The pavement was soothing
My body wasn't moving

Brain was buried deep beneath the ground
Fears would drown
The pavement is soothing
My body wasn't moving
Pain was buried deep beneath the ground
As fears would drown


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