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[Verse 1]
Floating on a cloud, feeling high
It happens every time, whenever I'm with my guy
Tripping on love, and it feels so good
I can't help myself, and I wouldn't if I could
`Cause he's got that certain touch, that I'm addicted to
Love's really got a hold on me, and there's nothing I can do

Oh I, I'm under the influence of love
And I know there's no doubt about it
I'm under the influence of love
And I know I can't live without it

[Verse 2]
Moving over close, can't get enough
I've just got to have all of my baby's love
And when I'm alone, feeling sad and blue
He gives me a shot of love, and I'm as good as new
Helpless as I am, as if I don't care
His tenderness is what I miss, whenever he's not here


There just ain't no one else
Who can bring out the love in me
So many guys have tried
They tried to capture my eye
But he's the only one I see


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