Led Zeppelin – The Lemon Song Lyrics

Produced By: Jimmy Page

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I should have quit you, long time ago [X2]
I wouldn't be here, my children, down on this killing floor

I should have listened, baby, to my second mind [X2]
Everytime I go away and leave you, darling, you send me the blues way down the line

Said, people worry I can't keep you satisfied
Let me tell you baby, you ain't nothin but a two-bit, no-good jive
Went to sleep last night, worked as hard as I can
Bring home my money, you take my money, give it to another man
I should have quit you, baby, such a long time ago
I wouldn't be here with all my troubles, down on this killing floor

Squeeze me baby, till the juice runs down my leg [X2]
The way you squeeze my lemon, I'm gonna fall right out of bed

I'm going to leave my children down on this killing floor

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