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[Verse 1]
Baby it's not alright
The second that you turn your back she'll be outta sight
Baby she'll break your heart

The second that you spend the night apart
How could you do it?
Oh, how could you walk away, from everything we made
How could you do it?
Oh you better watch yourself, I think that girl's insane

She's in it just to win it
Don't trust her for a minute
It's a like cheap thriller
She's such a ladykiller

[Verse 2]
Baby she'll eat you alive
As soon as she smells your blood in the water
You better run to survive
Before she makes you her latest slaughter
How could you do it?
Oh, just come back to me, baby I'm begging please
How could you do it?
Oh she knows I love you still, you're just her latest kill

[Hook x3]

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