Marvin Gaye – Soon I'll Be Loving You Again Lyrics

Produced By: Leon Ware & Marvin Gaye

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Dreamed of you this morning
Then came the dawn and
I thought that you were here with me
If you could only see how much I love you
You'd want to trust me
Oh, in my dream I was loving you
Every place that you wanted me to
Since I believe in dreams and fantasies and things
I'd like to make love to you right there baby
Ooh, I've got this real strong need to love you everywhere
I won't stop until I find your passions flowing like wine
Baby, baby, please let me do it to you

[Oh no, I never gave up no head] I never, did that before
But there's always the first you know
So I made up my mind, soon I'll be loving you
That's all, I've made up my mind
Soon I'll be loving, girl I know what I'm gonna do
I can't wait to touch you and give you that feeling
Eat you up my dear so that your mood will be revealed
Baby, and soon as I know I've got you willing baby
I'm gonna give you some head baby, I'm gon' knock you right up woman
I'm gonna to give you some head, sugar, I know what to do
I want to give you some head, ah you big fine woman
Woo, I love to give it, baby, cause I know just what to do baby
Ah I'm gonna give the ultimate love baby, the ultimate love baby
Don't you know I can handle you
Soon, soon, soon I'll be loving you, oh Janice
You're so fine, oh how I love you

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