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Who is much more than a friend
But never by my side?

All beginnings are an end
In the blackness there’s a light

Maybe you will only read
One or two letters at the most

Shipping crates might line the streets
Every stranger is a ghost

Cashiers won’t deduct the pain
Loneliness sleeps on the couch

Only noticing the stain
Once the color’s faded out

Let’s go camping in the cold
Make a fire, buy a tent

Envision leather getting old
Re-send pigeons that were sent

Try to memorize your smell
It reminds me of a field

Crickets clearer than a bell
Have all their guts recast in steel

Birds don’t cry when echoes quit
They trail off into the fog

Autumn hurts far less than sticks
Knowing winter’s five feet tall

Generations of defeat
All assuming you're the worst

They never tied the cans
To the back end of a hearse

Take your hand against my own
If there’s a finger I can grip

Reassure me at the ace
Mine’s a black heart you could flip

I’ve come to terms with what I have
What’s been given, what’s been asked

Turn my back against the sea
And beg the serpent for a dance

But in the red dirt muddy towns
Celebration of the dark

Children walking hand in hand
With the pygmies in zee park

I can’t touch you only once
You always leave me wanting more

So keep my feet within the house
And stick my toes just past the door

Let me know when I’m in love
Let me die when I’m in love

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