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I am the golden thread
You spin 'till you fall and you're
Surrounded by frogs and you're
Kissing them all but me
And we're just on page three

Now I'm stamping my feet
Through the boards on the floor and I've
Climbed your hair too many times before
And I'm tired
Of not getting any higher
(it seems)

And I'm caught up in this fairytale
I keep on thinking that it's over then I wake up
And I'm right back here

When I first met you you were
Fast asleep with apples on your breath
And I had to come and
Initiate a mess well who knew
Anything about you?

Well you're the biggest disappoint of this story
And you're tearing up and you're telling me sorry
And I don't care
I just want a way out of here


[Hook 2]
And I don't know of anyone who dreams of life
Just the way that it seems
And I caught up in this
Got caught up in this
Crappy little fairytale

[Hook 2]

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