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[Verse 1]
Oh on my own, where I found you alone
You were caught up in somebody else's mess

And yes, I drank all those drinks on my own
My life's become some blurry little quest

And the clock kept ticking slowly
And you leaned over and asked me
If I even had a clue where I was
Well I lied down on your wood floors
And my brain and body took course
And the night ended as though it never was

It all began to feel insane
I wanna know where they keep the rain

Sylvia, right back where you came from
You're a pendulum, heartbroken and numb but

Sylvia, no one's gonna tell you when enough's enough
Enough is enough

[Verse 2]
Sick to the bone on the steps to my home
The moon shined through the drapery of leaves
To hurt, to ignore everyone on my own
But you love just to feel some made-up breeze

But as my body crumbled, you walked as I just stumbled
And we spoke only of things made in my head
You never once controlled me while all the others told me
That if I kept on going, I'd be dead

It's not just you who felt the pain
Now tell me where they keep the rain


See what I’ve done now, I don’t understand
She says I screamed and I that I raised my hand
But I never meant to, wasn’t even there
I never meant to, I would never dare


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