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The mama pajama rolled outta bed, and she ran to the police station
When the papa found out, he began to shout, and he started the investigation
It's against the law, it was against the law
What the mama saw, it was against the law

The mama looked down and spit on the ground every time my name gets mentioned
The papa said "Oy! if I get that boy
I'm gonna stick him in the house of detention"

Well I'm on my way, I don't know where I'm going
I'm on my way, I'm taking my time, but I don't know where
Goodbye to Rosie, the queen of Corona
See you, me and Julio down by the schoolyard
See you, me and Julio down by the schoolyard

[Instrumental break]

In a couple of days they're gonna take me away
But the press let the story leak
When the radical priest come to get me released
We was all on the cover of Newsweek


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