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I wanted out of the Biblical bets
Oblique city credentials
It's everything that I've ever known
Coca-Cola's Rosetta Stone

If I really find it
Velocity, potentially
Not the logic of the momentum
It's way more than tragic

I'm gonna do this alone
50 thousand versus one
I'm gonna do it all
Am I gonna do this alone?
Or will you join me versus wrong
Come on, come out and get me

I wanted odd, it was even and planned
Oblique city, potential
She's everything that I'd ever want
Who wants the bronze, the silver, the gold

Atlantis if I really find it
Complexity, essentially
Not the logic of the momentum
It's way more than tragic


Coca-Cola, beaten-up bottles
Is there anything else
Is there anything wrong with me?
Buried Mayan numerals
Is there anything else?
Is there anything more for me?
Or anything else for me?

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