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[Verse 1]
Do you see the world in different colors?
Do you see the world in black and gray?

Alone in your thoughts, how many others
Have stood where you stand, where you stand today
I've stood where you stand, but oh can you...

Wait for me now?
Take off this crown
To break all these vows
Don't you know?
Wait for me now
Air's running out
Wait for me, wait for me
Wait for me, wait for me now

[Verse 2]
The promise of safe return I delivered
But the ocean is wider than I first guessed
When roads disappeared I followed the rivers
But somehow got in over my head
So a deep breath I'm taking


[Verse 3]
A lost dream of what could have been
A house on fire, a tangled web
The key turns to find the locks have changed
In time to hear the back door slam
A sound that to this day I can't forget
The colors drained to black and gray


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