Senses Fail – Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday Lyrics


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[Verse 1]

Just know we are a speck in time
So follow your bliss and destroy the beauty


I'll lock myself alone in a room
Drink until the clock strikes noon
With just a pen, a pill, and some paper

And maybe I will write a sad song
Or another cliché poem
Of the person that I long to be

[Veres 2]

I wanna die like Jim Morrison
A fucking rock star

I wanna die like God on the cover of Time
Just a blink and it's gone
So baby pour some fame in my glass

So kill the forest and destroy the beauty


[Verse 3]

Colors blind the eyes
Sounds deafen the ear
Flavors numb the taste
Thoughts weaken the mind
I'll attack someone with a switchblade knife
So that I can see their pain
I choose to be a serial killer
Because the victims don't get any fame


Just know we are a speck in time

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