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And it's four AM and we will stalk again
The princess and her bitter queen
On the fourth day of July
Deep in Summer's eye
Naked like the truth should always be

[Verse 1]

So speak your knives
Don't follow with your foot
All this pain here
All comes from your dry lungs
I won't listen
Your rhetoric is fleeting
My lies are fixed with glue
Coming straight from off the water
Sunburned face and drunken father
Crying as she's carving in her flesh


[Verse 2]

This false art
Of palm trees and trash heaps
This burning bed
Where my ghost will now sleep
Watching romance from a far seat
Bleeding from the glass on my feet
Learning that I love the smell of flesh


[Verse 3]

An angel on his two knees
Arms stretched towards the red sea
Of violence and a sultry tongue
The scenic view of carnage
Caused by the sword in his hands
The beauty resonates in birth
It's plain to see the wind beneath the trees
Flowing free, the summer breeze is sweet
I lay in space choked by my own air
I love the taste of your blackened lips


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