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[Verse 1]

If you wanna sink to the bottom with me
Come get gotten, reeling and rotten beneath
One, two, three and down you go
You'll be smiling before you know
If you wanna sink to the bottom with me


We're all rotten, buried and forgotten
Living it up underground
So take a ride
Hey, hey, hey, hey
You really can't be looking so surprised
If you can't beat them, might as well lead them
No one's getting out alive
Give it a try
Hey, hey, hey, hey
It really is a wicked way to die

[Verse 2]

Listen my friend to the sound of a sweet melody
Doesn't it seem to resound like an old memory?
Screaming and crying we'll have none of that
You had your chance now just sit and relax
Don't you wanna sink to the bottom with me?


[Verse 3]

You'll get used to it in a while
Look at the way each of us smile
You were living a fantasy
This is exactly what you need

[Verse 1 (Repeated)]


[Verse 4]

They're all just so pathetic
It's all psychosomatic
The more they think the more we know
So welcome home

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