Skylar Grey – Religion Lyrics

Produced By: J. R. Rotem

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[Verse 1: Skylar Grey]
I saw a man die the day he got out of jail
I bought a new car and got caught in the hail
Sometimes it feels like you got no-one on your side
But I will be there holding you tight, yeah yeah
Holding you tight, yeah

When you don’t know what to believe in
Let me be your religion

It’s a fucked up world that we live in
So let me be your religion

[Verse 2: Skylar Grey]
You lost a big bet on the day you lost your job
You got evicted you said ‘please help me God’
Now I don’t know why when it rains it pours
But I know one thing that you’ve got for sure
Yeah yeah, you’ve got for sure, yeah


Let me be the one you go to
When you start to cry
Let me be the one that holds you
When you’re asking why
I can only imagine what you’re going through, babe
But please

[Chorus] x 2 times

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