Stone Sour – Tired Lyrics

Produced By: David Bottrill

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[Verse 1: Corey Taylor]
I’m alive in here/ so alive in here/ pulling down a little peace
I’m open wide in here/ slow to rise in here/ saving grace and killing me
You say this only makes me incomplete
I’m canceled out and rendered obsolete
Tell the mad chameleon he’s not welcome anymore
I know what I’m looking for…

Somewhere close, somewhere safe
Somewhere I know- I know I’ll never live in chains
The one is now aware
So stay away from me- I’m just too young to care

[Verse 2: Corey Taylor]
I can see in here/ I can feel in here/ comatose with common sense
I take my time in here/ somebody get me out of here/ what am i so against?
I just want to watch the whole world burn
Lost a million times and I won’t learn
Show me someone innocent, I’ll show you there’s no proof
I may be gone but i’m no fool…

I’m not close- I’m not safe
I don’t know- don’t know- am I better off in chains?
The one is not aware
So stay away from me- I’m just too young to care


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