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[Verse 1]
Mesmerise analyze everything that you need
Make the choice with the words, speak and within and talk away
Seize till never, reach from within, decide to shine a leg of you
Seems out of pleasure, shine like a gentleman, then serenade of you

Tears fell upon the fire, fell upon desire early in the morning
Age fell into the seas, sunset of the east, you and I alone here

Paradise is allowed in the conscious of the brave
Shake away and become from an hour of the day
Piece of the passage land from before me, guns and carousel are true
Seems our pleasure, shine like a gentleman, beneath the ever-changing view


Do you say what you feel at the end of the day
You go on

In the rain
I'mma wash you, wash you away
In our hearts beats, in our hearts beach

[Chorus] x 2

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