The Avett Brothers – A Father's First Spring Lyrics


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[Verse 1]
The sweetest surrender of winter
She put up her flag, it is waving
The thunder of summer is rumbling in

[Chorus 1]
I haven't seen you in days
And my, how that feeling has changed
Oh, I have been home sick for you since we met
I have been homesick for you

[Verse 2]
Now I've got to take to the sky
And I'll tell you what that means for you and I
If I die, it's for you

[Chorus 2]
I never lived until I lived in your light
And my heart never beat like it does at the sight
Of you baby blue, God blessed your life
I do not live unless I live in your light

[Verse 3]
The realest thing I ever felt
Was the blood on the floor
And he love in your yell
I was a child before the day I met Eleanor

The kiss of the wind in the hills
The clearness of morning, the late evening thrill
Blurry and gray like the roar
The wheels on the highway, above them I soar

[Verse 4]
When I'm in the sweet daughter's eyes
My heart is now ruined for the rest of all time
There's no part of it left to give

[Chorus 2]

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